Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Big Move

Sitting in front of Andy's TV watching the dudes compete for sub-second times on Mario Kart. Good times.

I'm done with Seattle. For the moment, at least. Now in ... Sunnyvale. Woot. Kinda. But lots of wooting for finally making it back to the Bay Area. Will start working again, after my 3 week hiatus. 3 weeks is definitely not enough vacation.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mountain goat surprise

Hello 'dere, originally uploaded by Rooosh.

We saw a bunch of mountain goats on a short hike to Hidden Lake. The goats were interesting - not scared of people at all. All they did was stand and pose for all the tourists clicking away. We walked back to the parking lot at the end of the day to find a whole herd of bighorn sheep hanging out by the cars. People were literally driving upto the sheep and taking pictures in their face. Apparently the sheep didn't care.

Hiking to Grinnell Lake

Hikers at Grinnel Lake, originally uploaded by Rooosh.

Evan, Dianne, me and Allison (in that order) at Grinnell Lake.


Fishing, originally uploaded by Rooosh.

Got back from a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. This is the quintessential picture that will always remind me of the trip and the Park. So much of the Park is similar to this - large, nay, huge mountains alongside pretty lakes. Definitely a place worth visiting.


Welcome to ::rushabh:: redux. Thanks for following the link from wherever; if you are adding things to your blogreader, please add this and retire the redefine blog.
I'm tired of Movable Type. Its comment system is something that I have to fight in order to get it functional without spam and I refuse to fight all my battles; I'd rather have someone else fight them for me. In this case blogger. Yay!
Sure - I lose offline writing, but I'm sure there are alternatives for blogger. If not, I can write one over the weekend. Not worried.
Having a blog that works, without headaches or spam? Priceless.
(Not really, but at free, I can't complain!)