Sunday, January 27, 2008

Link Blogging

New experiment: Google Reader has this awesome feature called "Share it". Well, you can only share it with other people using Google Reader, which makes sense in a "promote Google Reader" sort of way. Eh, whatever. Google Reader is an awesome product and I love using it, but if you don't want to use it, that's your prerogative.

The question then becomes "How do I get my shared stuff over to you". The idea was completely Andy's - he's doing something similar, I'll let him explain on his blog when he's ready.

I can't post the script without sanitizing it because it contains my Google Auth token (yeah, its *in* the script - ha!) but if you really want a crossposting script that will take your feed off anywhere and post it to Blogger, let me know and I can clean it up and post it.

And the whole point of the experiment is to find out if link blogging is super-annoying or not. Right now cron's running it once a day - so if you think that's annoying (or not), do let me know.


benley said...

Did you not notice that google reader can publish an rss feed of your shared items all by itself? You could merge that with another feed without needing any sort of auth token, I'm pretty sure.

::rushabh:: said...

I noticed! That RSS feed is how my script gets my shared items in the first place.

How do you propose "merging that with another feed"?
I'm not sure if blogger has some sort of way to make merged RSS feeds out of many. Perhaps feedburner or some other service may do that, but that's not the point.

Am I missing something here?

benley said...

I was thinking of feedburner, yeah. I'm pretty sure they can aggregate and republish feeds. You clearly know what you're doing, so carry on :-)