Sunday, April 13, 2008

Solving the iPhone headphone problem

Inspired by comparing iPhone headphone adapters, I took a pair of scissors and a knife to my own headphones and fixed the problem. For those that are unaware of the problem here's the short version: iPhone has an almost normal female headphone plug, except that its a tad too deep to accommodate the mic. As a result, almost all "regular" headphones don't work. This has led to a whole industry of adapters, ranging from $5 to $10 that fix this problem. Turns out, a knife does the same. For free (as in beer). Results below:

Those are my JVC headphones, not iphone headphones. That little ring on the side is what I cut out. All you need is about a 1mm cut and that does the trick.
Do *not* blame me if you try this on your $200 Bose headphones and end up cutting the wire instead. I am not liable, YMMV, and all that.


Mark said...

I actually have a fancy pair of Bose headphones and they are pretty nice.

I solve this problem by using a player that doesn't try to lock me into its own headphone brand (and music distribution scheme, and glorified file system explorer, and dumping gigs of metadata on my computer silently). Apple-hate ftw.

::rushabh:: said...

Meh. I couldn't care less about all that hippy nonsense about freedom and drm and all that rubbish. I end up purchasing multiple copies of songs anyway, I've started to shift to using Amazon's mp3 stuff, but I *really* don't care about that stuff that much.
What i *do* care about is the overall user experience - I've tried Creative Zen players and they don't hold a candle to the iPhone/Pod. There is no other phone on the market (currently) that compares, so I'll go for the best stuff, even at the expense of a $5 dongle to make my headphones work.
Note that the above experiment with knives was only because 1. I am a nerd 2. I was curious (perhaps related to #1). For expensive stuff, I'll go buy a $5 adapter - a much more sane choice.

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