Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sold on pingg

I used to host my election night party - send out
invites, manage the lists, you know, the usual sort of thing that one
does while hosting parties.

Pingg is *excellent*. Goodbye evite. I have wanted to kick evite to
the curb for sooo long, I'm ecstatic that I'm finally able to do so.
Pingg provides an unparalelled dashboard to see what the current
status of all the attendees is, manage things like sending reminders
and such. It is very, very usable - about the only quirk was not being
able to easily import my address books from gmail - I used their
import feature, but it could use some work. Other than that, it was
absolutely fabulous.

Party Throwers Unite!!! Ditch stupid evite for pingg.

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Margo said...

Hi there. Thanks very much for the kind words, glad you had a positive experience. Passing your notes about the list to our tech team right now so they are aware. Feel free to send any / all thoughts our way, always happy to have feedback from users. - Margo (pingg)