Monday, April 13, 2009

Flaky internet test

Trying to see if blogger deals with a flaky internet. The internet at home (in Mumbai) where I am right now is rather flaky - pings to range from 300ms to 2s depending on unknown factors. I think its because of the interesting wiring that the "electrician" and the "phone wallah" conspired to put in and convinced my dad that it was fine (because, you know, if you split a phone cable in 2, both lines are just fine, no extra noise from crappy connectors or anything). It also randomly goes OFF. Annoying as hell.

stech and I have a common blog on wordpress (because she likes that more than blogger) at and we have lost two posts already because the stupid wordpress background save *does* *not* *work*. So, so, annoying.

So far, blogger seems to be better - its saving just fine and we'll see with the publish if thats better as well.

Edit: Success! Score +1 for blogger.


Steve Lacy said...

WordPress (in the Admin user interface) has a "Turbo" setting that will cache some things to local disk (Gears) so you might try turning that on and see if it makes any difference. I think it only applies to interface graphics and such, though.

The other solution is to install a WordPress e-mail gateway (and if you're using, I think this is on by default). Compose messages offline in your favorite e-mail program, and then mail them to post.

In general, it's going to be *really* hard to write an AJAX-ey web app that works with a totally flaked out connection. I think the reason blogger works is that it's not really AJAX-ey.

::rushabh:: said...

Tried to use gears - the gears install requires almost full connectivity and fails over a flaky connection. Restarting the install requires:
Turn off gears, reload, turn on gears, reload.
Huge PITA.

The email gateway is what I was looking for, but could not figure it out for I'll give it a shot to see if it "just works".

Wordpress docs are confusing as heck because its unclear if the doc is for wordpress that you can install (most of the times this is the case) or the hosted Almost all talk of installing plugins is useless for the hosted mode.

For well written AJAXy stuff, gmail seems to work really well. You are right that blogger doesn't do much ajaxy stuff but its nice to have the explicit "Save Now", which does work (unlike wordpress).

And just using my email did not work :(

Steve Lacy said...

Looks like the DIY install has support for e-mail posting ( but that it's disabled on (

Admittedly, very very lame.

If *only* you had a hosting service where you could do an install of WordPress and manage this.... I guess that's a bit much remote admin from India... (and not really what you want to be doing on vacation!)

Steve Lacy said...

I think you should try a standalone post editor that will use WordPress's XML-RPC api. Check out this page for a list: list of XML-RPC clients

Steve Lacy said...

Ecto seems like a popular offline blog editing tool that supports WordPress's XMLRPC interface.

::rushabh:: said...

Setting up my own blogging service with is about the last thing I want to do on a flaky line where things go kaput at random times (yeah I'd be screening, but still, the pain is not worth it).

I tried to look at converting over to blogger, but it does not support importing from wordpress (the reverse is supported just fine) - FAIL.

Thanks for the ecto pointer. Right now, I'm using and K is using which has no js and tells you if things succeeded or not, donezo.