Sunday, June 12, 2011

Faster DNS Servers - namebench

Choosing the right DNS servers can make all the difference between a fast and snappy web browsing experience and a slow and untolerable one. I came across a utility called namebench, published by Google to test out DNS server speeds. It takes about 5 minutes and could result in a faster web experience - I would recommend giving it a shot. In my case, comcast is the fastest DNS server, so no changes needed to be made, but your environment may be different.

Full Disclosure: I work for Google. I do not work on Namebench. Please use it at your own risk.


Anonymous said...

I'd caution against changing your default nameserver -- we've experimented with Google DNS and OpenDNS at work, and both had major problems with Akamai. Akamai looks at the DNS server that your queries come in from, and tries to hand back IPs of edge servers that are "close" to you.

When we used OpenDNS, we were getting Akamai servers in Texas. With Google DNS -- edge servers in Seattle. Both lead to a much slower experience with any Internet site that relied on Akamai (hint: that's a lot of sites).

::rushabh:: said...

Great point. I didn't realize the implications of changing the name server would affect akamai, though now that you mention it, it makes perfect sense.

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