Saturday, August 23, 2008

The *complete* Hacker News feed

A friend and I were discussing feeds that we read and feeds that frustrate us. One of our common pet peeves was Hacker News.

The good:
Its fresh. Compared to the news here, Slashdot feels like old and eaten by mothballs.
The opinions are not absolutely stupid (ala Slashdot).
All in all, a worthy read.

The bad:
Each item on HN is a link. And that's it. So you *have* to go to the next site to read it. This is fine on a laptop (sometimes) but it *completely* blows on my iPhone where doing this often causes Google Reader to get swapped out in Safari thereby resetting my state. Yes, yes, I know, its reader and Safari that are to blame not HN, but HN I can fix.

The fix:
Enter Yahoo Pipes
I played with it for about 20 minutes and came up with a way to get the HN feed and fetch all the content for each item and insert it back into description.
The result? A Hacker News Piped Feed that you can subscribe to! Its rough around the edges - a lot of pages have tons of horrible content and this thing snarfs it all up; but it gets the job done.


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